EuRegMe 2016 Greece | Theme
Join the most anticipated event for the European Region of IFMSA! EuRegMe 2016 in Greece!
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Preventive healthcare (alternately preventive medicine) consists of measures taken for disease prevention, in contradiction to disease treatment. Health is affected by various factors, such as
environmental factors, disease agents, genetic background and lifestyle choices. Disease prevention relies on actions that can be taken at different levels of healthcare. 

What is Prevention? It is a critical and often neglected part of medicine and its practice by physicians. Noncommunicable diseases were responsible for 68% of all deaths globally in 2012, up from 60% in 2000 according to the WHO and tobacco use is a major cause of many of the world’s top killer diseases. Diseases preventable due to vaccination, are on the rise, due to the recent, unbased and deadly trend of antiVaccination movements. Vaccination has contributed to the eradication of smallpox, yet despite that, according to the WHO, at least 2 million people of all ages die every year from vaccine-preventable diseases.

It is an intriguing issue that cannot always be properly addressed and many people are unaware of the important role it has in their overall health. In our Organisations and our Federation, many of our projects aim to raise awareness and educate people on the importance of prevention and its impact on the progress of certain diseases or conditions.

This year at EuRegMe of 2016, Theme Event will be focusing on Preventive Medicine and how it can be actively used in everyday life. The basic aim will be to familiarize medical students with the idea of prevention in health and the ability to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the students will be brought up to date with the current trends in the medical community and will be trained to spread the importance of prevention and to help the world introduce healthier habbits.

The goals above will be achieved through an introductory discussion on Preventive Medicine and afterwards, participants will be able to choose one among five separate themed workshops. Subjects such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Anxiety, Sexual Health, Vaccinations, Lifestyle and others will be discussed.

During the breaks of the Theme Event, relaxing activities will take place, in which the students can participate. In addition, throughout the EuRegMe there will be special stands available, giving useful information and promoting the mediterranean diet with healthy and tasty snacks.