EuRegMe 2016 Greece | Social programme
Join the most anticipated event for the European Region of IFMSA! EuRegMe 2016 in Greece!
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Social programme

For this year’s social programme in Kastoria, there will be a great variety of activities for all kinds of tastes! The opening ceremony will include an interactive way to get everyone excited and prepared for the amazing experience that will follow. After that a welcoming party is next with many surprises to come and a great opportunity for everyone to get to know and feel comfortable with one another!
Something that couldn’t be left out of the social programme is the big party that will take place! Greek food, Greek music and Greek scenery combined with students from all around Europe are the perfect combination for an unforgettable night out!
Last but not least, there will be plenty of opportunities for the participants to learn about Kastoria’s history and experience its nature. A good example is the treasure hunt throughout Kastoria’s beautiful streets and corners; creativity and competitiveness are combined with feeling the rhythm and heartbeat of a beautiful Greek city. That and many more surprises await you in the Pre-EuRegMe in April 2016!