EuRegMe 2016 Greece | Organising committee
Join the most anticipated event for the European Region of IFMSA! EuRegMe 2016 in Greece!
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Organising committee


My name is Eirini which means “peace” in Greek. I study in Athens and I was born and raised in Molaoi, a village close to Sparta (you know “This is Spartaaaaaa”, right?).
If I were a colour, well… I would definitely not be just one, but a riot of colours. During my free time, I like trying different things. From singing musical and dancing african dances to taking photos, making pastries or travelling around the world. When I was a child, I remember I wanted to become a singer or a teacher but most of all I wanted to become a witch and was patiently waiting to call me from Hogwarts. I guess I had a bright imagination!
One of my most favorite quotes and my life mottos is that “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”. We can achieve everything we want, we just have to believe it and work for it!

Boarding - Lodging - Registration

Hello everyone! My name is Mary!
I live in Athens, but in origins I come from two little villages, the one is located on a mountain near a big city named Arta, and the other one is in the beautiful island of Naxos.
If I were a colour, I would like to be yellow, because it vividly reminds me of the flowers that blossom in spring!
I like reading books and singing (strictly when I am alone), and I recently found out that I totally love yoga, because it helps me relax and calms my mind!
When I was a kid, I was so sure that I would become a well-known author, in fact I had even written plenty of mini stories and gifted them to my friends! My secret wish, though, was to become a martial arts expert, a spy or something like that, because I adored all the action movies, TV series, cartoons, books or whatever included a bunch of people saving the world!
Something I have heard and liked is: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”


Well, my name is Ouriana and I come from Ioannina, a charming city in the northwest of Greece, worth visiting.
If i was a colour i would choose white because with it you can create many shades, you just need to coorporate with other colours :-P.
Thinking of hobbies I like basketball(now a veteran), photography, crafting and emboidery.
Since I was little I have changed a lot my mind for what i wanna be when i grow up. But becoming an actress was crossing my mind frequently. It never stopped actually until today. You never know, I may chase it one day.
And now, here it comes, the hardest of the questions we had to answer. An inspirational quote. it is said that the key to success is to believe in yourself. I bet that’s the key to hapiness. Believe in your own powers people, in your strength, no matter what, you can DO IT.

Budget & Fundraising

My name is Dimitris and I am from Athens. If i were a color, that would be dark brown. Growing up, I have always been intrigued by home brewing, but I stuck to medicine, instead. One of the most inspirational quotes i ran into just recently is: ”If you change nothing, nothing will change”


Hello Europe! My name is Vassilis. Something from the past connects me intrinsically with the host city of EuRegMe ’16, as is my birthplace. So everything about me has started before twenty years from this city. Then I was raised in a beautiful and amphitheatrical town, situated at the foot of Meteora Rocks, Kalabaka. For those who have never ever heard about this place, I challenge you to check out this video. If I were a color I would be the deep blue of the sea. My hobbies are, walks in nature and traditional dancing, as I do this since I was five. When I was young, I had a dream to grow up and become a famous architect, you know it was the Olympic Games in Athens and I thought I would become Santiago Calatrava.
My motivational Quote: ” Ships in harbor are safe, but that’s not what ships are built for. ”


Hey 🙂 My name is Nikos and I am studying at the University of Crete. I love reading books, watching movies, listening to music, hanging out with my friends. Lately my hobbies include some working out and guess what, I do like it a lot! If I were a colour, I would like not to be an ordinary one, so my choice is ice blue! I always dreamed of beoming a doctor and I am really glad for being able to fulfill my dream! The last inspirational quote that I recall is one written by Nietzche, saying “And those who were seen dancing, were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”.


Hey! My name is Afrodite-Lydia and I’m coming from a beautiful city “Komotini” (Thrace, Northern-East Greece). Climibing, Hiking, Cycling, Horse-riding, movies, playing flute are my hobbies :).
One of my favourite colours is red… That’s why If I could be a colour, definitely I would be red.
Furthermore when I was younger I loved sports, so when I was 14 years old, I wanted to be a cycling coach or gym coach, but also I loved research and animals. So that’s why I started to think to be a geneticist or veterinary physician and after that I believed sports medicine was something that I liked more. This was the reason that I started to study medicine and I’m trying now to follow my dream.
A phrase that I heard recently and it is an inspiration to me a lot is that: “Be the CHANGE that you wish to see in the world”


My name is Kyriakos and I come from the beautiful city of Kastoria, the host city of pre-EuRegMe. If I was a color, I would be blue, because it reminds me of the sea and the sky. When I was young, I wanted to become a doctor or astronaut. The most inspirational quote I have heard recently (or not so recently) is one from Albus Dumbledore that says: ‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.’


Hello there, my name is Froso and I was born in the beautiful host of the EuRegMe, Thessaloniki! If I were a colour it would definitely be black, because it is literally a colour without colour and there is a dark poetry in that which I love. I have a big passion for hiking and when I was 5 or 6 I wanted to be an activist, traveling all the time and saving the world 🙂 Some words that I personally really have connected with over the years are: “The magic of risking everything for a dream than nobody sees but you”.


I am Kostas
I am from Agrinio, a city at the West of Greece.
If I was a colour, I would be blue because I am a very energetic person.
My hobbies are listening to music and dancing.
I always wanted to be a singer.
An inspirational phrase that I recently saw is ” I am gonna make the rest of my life the best of my life ”


Hello! My name is Erietta and I’m from Athens. If I was a color I would be purple. In my free time I like to practice sports such as basketball and rock climbing. I also like travelling and music. When I was younger I wanted to be a doctor or a vet. The most inspirational quote I recently heard is “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It’s our light not our darkness that most frightens us”


My name is Eirini and I come from Athens,the amazing capital! Blue is by far my favorite colour and when I was a child I dreamed to join doctors without borders (medecins sans frontiers-i really prefer the french version)! I enjoy spending my free time trying new stuff like photography, kick-boxing or sometimes latin dancing and jogging in nature. I do not really have a favourite inspirational phrase but i really like this one:”Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it is really important for you to do it, because nobody else will.”
So remember, everyday, every one of us is changing the world, just a little bit and that is more than enough to be happy!

Logistics and Transportation

My name is Panagiotis and i am from Drama, a small town to the North Greece! My favourite colour is blue of cource!! Sky, sea, natioanl flag…blue is everywhere! In my free time i like dancing at latin parties and watching movies, always with pizza!
The most inspirational quote i have ever heard is “The sky is not the limit. your mind is.”. It always inspires me and i overcome the routine challenges!


My name is Nikos and I come from Patras, Greece. My favorite color is blue and I like to play basketball and travel a lot! When I was a kid I wanted to become a policeman and then a basketball player and then computer I became a doctor!!!hahaha Recently I heard the following inspirational quote…Put your head down and work hard. Never wait for things to happen, make them happen for yourself through hard graft and not giving up!!!


Hello people!!
My name is Emily and I come from the amazing, alive and colourful Athens!! And talking about colours, if I were myself a colour I would be blue, like the blue of the cloudless sky!
I’m a restless person, I love doing many different things! At this time, my hobbies are basketball, sign language, traditional dancing and physical theater! I also love constructing things and making jewelry.
When I was small, like 6 years old, I wanted to become a pilot! And then they told me I was too short for that…!
Finally, I would like to share something nice I heard recently: Laugh as much as you breath and love as long as you live!!


Hello everyone! I am Evi from Rafina, a small city near Athens. If I were a colour I would be navy blue, the colour of tranquility and serenity. In my free time I take judo and crossfit classes. When I was a kid I wanted to become an actress but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. My favourite inspirational quote is: “Believe that dreams come true every day. Because they do.”


Hey people of Europe (and beyond)! I am John and I come from the beautiful city of Athens, though I study in the vibrant and lively city of Patras! My hobbies are running by the sea, basketball and anything that’s tech related. When I was younger, I wanted to be an astronaut (a part of me still does), but then I said, “Come on, let’s be realistic”, so I wished to be a pilot (and yes, I still wish, one day I will get an amateur license). So, if I was a color I would be electric blue! Why? Well because, it’s vibrant, lively and makes you feel energetic! You can even correlate it to sleeplessness and this really fits me 😛 Finally, a great quote I’ve heard is “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Social & Post-EuRegMe

My name is Georgia, I come from Thessaloniki and I study in Alexandroupolis. If I were a colour, I would definitely be aubergine purple (love it!) <3. In my free time, I like dancing, knitting, listening to music and reading books (lots of books actually)… The most inspirational thing I heard recently was that “When life gives you lemons, make grape juice. Then, sit back, and watch the people wonder how the hell you did it!”


Hello. My name is George, you can also call me Dub.
If I were a colour I would be the white because it is the start of everything. We begin from scratch 😉 Bonus fact, if every single colour is combined it is going to give the white colour
I like basketball, chilling with friends, watching movies.
When I was younger, I wanted to be famous. I didn’t know how, but I wanted to be famous. Here is a chance :p
An inspirational quote I’ve read recently is “shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars”


I am Nikos, born in Crete. I like Winnie the Pooh, the Minions, Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and kinder surprises. I enjoy traveling and reading books. When I was young, I dreamt of being an astronaut. My quote: ‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.’ (Albert Einstein)


Hi my name is Paraskevi, but you can call me Paris! 😉 I grew up in Preveza, a town by the sea in western Greece.
If I were a colour, I would be bordeaux, because it’s both intense and dark… it has depth.
In my free time I read books, listen to music, I sing… and of course I sleep!
When I was little I wanted to be a hairdresser (it still is my plan B).
And a quote that i really like “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart” – Helen Keller

Theme Event

Hello everyone! 🙂
I am Konstantina and I come from sunny Athens.
If I were a colour, I would definately be purple, which is the colour of spiritual balance.
In my free time I attend zumba classes and I make handicrafts!
When I was a little girl I wanted to become a singer, but some years later, medicine attracted me!
And now my favourite inspirational quote…
“Never acknowledge the limitations of man. Smash all boundaries! Deny whatever your eyes see. Die every moment, but say: Death does not exist.”
Nikos Kazantzakis
(Greek writer and philosopher, 1883-1957)


Hello!!! My name is Sergios and I am from Athens and my favourite color is purple. My interests include book reading, homebrewing, travelling and juggling. When I was younger I had a dream of becoming a stuntman. The most inspiring phrase I heard recently is “Dig the well before you are thirsty”.