EuRegMe 2016 Greece | About EuRegMe
Join the most anticipated event for the European Region of IFMSA! EuRegMe 2016 in Greece!
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About EuRegMe

The European Regional Meeting (EuRegMe) is the annual meeting of medical students, members of International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) and its National Member Organisations (NMOs), from all over Europe. It takes place every spring with the participation of more than 300 students.


IFMSA is an independent, non-governmental and non-political federation of medical students from 118 NMOs on six continents and over 100 countries. IFMSA was founded in 1951 and is run for and by medical students on a non-profit basis. It is officially recognized as a Non Governmental Organization within the United Nations system, and is recognized by the World Health Organization as the International Forum for medical students (more on


HelMSIC (Hellenic Medical Students International Commitee) is the sole organization-member of IFMSA in Greece.


«EuRegMe ‘16 – Preventive Medicine» will be held on 22-26th of April 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Greece was selected as the host country by vote by the European NMOs.


EuRegMe aims to develop the skills of medical students, and educate them on international and global health issues – emphasising on their active role as citizens of Europe. It provides a great opportunity for medical students to meet their colleagues from all over Europe and familiarise with the work of IFMSA and its NMOs.
EuRegMe provides the floor for:

  • Standing Committee Sessions: on the six thematic areas of IFMSA, involving exchange of ideas and best practices, and intercultural learning through non formal education
    Activities Fair and Presentations: to exchange of best practices among Europe on specific areas medical students work on:
  • Trainings: to develop the skills of medical students across Europe
  • Theme Event: Discussions around the selected theme, here Preventive Medicine, with the support and participation of experts on the field
  • Plenary: Discussion on the organizational issues regarding the European Region of IFMSA
  • Social Programme: for the entertainment of the participants in an intra-European environment
    Apart from the main event, the following will be held:
  • Pre-EuRegMe (18-22 April 2016) is a three-day meeting similar to EuRegMe for about 100 participants aiming to educate and train them on specific areas or skills.
  • Post-EuRegMe (26-29 April 2016) consists of a variety of activities for the participants to learn more about the culture and everyday life in the hosting country. Participants will have the opportunity to explore Chalkidiki, a place of extraordinary beauty and unique landscape.